Born: August 12, 1994, Madrid, Spain
Nationality: Spanish
Field: Painting, Drawing, Photography, Writing, Web design
Jaime Trujillo Escobedo, (born August 12, 1994, Madrid), better known by his stage name Canovu, is a Spanish painter, writer and photographer. He is the first of three brothers: Jaime, David and Carmen.

His stage name comes from the union of the terms Canonis (Latin term for Canon) and Novum (Latin term for New) from which we obtain "New Canon", "New Beauty".

Canovu is also recognized for his work in the programming and web design fields, with assignments as those made for the Professional Association of Magistrates of Spain (APM) or Happy Emotions sports company.
Brief Biography:

Canovu was born in Madrid on August 12, 1994. In 2006 he moved to the island of Gran Canaria.

Self-taught, dominating skillfully drawing techniques, Canovu had already shown talent at the early age of eleven. He was able to assimilate the influence of Spanish art, whilst keeping his own developing style. The brilliant drawings from his teenage years show his precocious talent. Two years later, with thirteen, he wrote his first novel ("Adventures of a bird").

During the same year, Canovu starred a journalistic job by publishing daily articles on various subjects, ranging culinary, animal or plants and web design or programming. (See "El Balcón"). The stage would extend for a period of four years, being "abandoned" during the fifth in order to entirely devote himself towards the world of art and literature. He moved to the city of Málaga in 2011. He was the director, editor and camera man for the short film "Seconds of Happiness" (Málaga, 2012), among others.

At nineteen, Canovu received his first major commision: “Omnem vitam” (2013), an easel painting for "The Dove" Brotherhood (Malaga 2014). It was commissioned in late 2013 and finished in early 2014. The piece was exhibited at the Hotel Málaga Palacio and subsequently transferred to The Dove Chapel, at San Francisco Square.

Canovu became a regionally successful painter and performed his first two solo exhibitions during 2015 (see exhibitions), then went directly to fine art school at the University of Seville in Seville.

During t2016, Canovu held a third solo exhibition in which he included paintings of varied technique and thematic (see exhibitions).
He showed progress in pictorial techniques, presenting works in Chinese ink, acrylics, watercolors or pastel.

Quotes by Canovu:

"I could define my art but I prefer to keep creating." (2012)
"Dear friend, start to paint everything." (2012)
"I do not express what I see or imagine but what I feel when imagining eyeless." (2013)
"Don't let yourself tread by those who believe to have lustrous boots and walk barefoot sneaking." (2013)
"There is no greater risk than the temporary silence of an artist." (2013)
"My reality may involve a delirium of your identity or its discovered existence. " (2014)
"I find bad modern art as absurd as the descriptive term of a permanent artistic death." (2014)
"Satiety only exists in the submissive mortal." (2014)
"My creation reveals the errors on your perfect nature." (2014)
"Remove everything from your incomplete integrity and supply it with the perpetual lack." (2014)
"I still have much to win but nothing to lose for becoming the best painter of the century." (2015)
"Create the unexpected." (2016)
"Digital art won't overvalue a life studying pigments." (2016)
"Do not confuse good people with good artists." (2016)
"If you know how to see, you see Canovu." (2017)


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